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Retainer Case with Mirror and Adjustable Vent Holes

Model Number: SD-3622
Brand: Custom LOGO
Size: 8.7cm Dia. x 2.6cm H.
Color: Pink, Blue ,White, Black
Description: Aligner Case with Mirror & Silicone Pad & Adjustable Vent Holes


Ortho Aligner Case with Mirror & Adjustable Vent Holes & Silicone inner Pads

Compatible with Invisalign Aligner, Night Guard ,Mouth Guard & Partial Dentures 

Item #Descriptionpc/boxpcs/carton
SD-3622Dia. 8.7cm* Height 2.6cm1200

-Portable Retainer case with Magnetic closure. With 3.15'' diameter × 1.1'' height, slim and lightweight.

-With Adjustable Vent Holes, just slide left and right to open and close the vents, keep the ventilation also avoid dust contamination of your retainers.

-Made of food-grade ABS. Not only aligner, but also to store wire retainer, partial denture, mouth guard, night guard.

-Strong and durable with built-in textured padding that helps reduce internal slippage and movement and can be rinsed with water for easy cleaning.




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