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Aligner Case with Mirror

Model Number: SD-3618
Brand: Custom LOGO
Size: 8.7cm Dia. x 2.7cm H.
Color: Pink, Blue ,White, Black
Description: Aligner Case with Mirror and Silicone Pad


Ortho Aligner Case with Mirror and Silicone inner Pads

Item #Descriptionpc/boxpcs/carton
SD-3618Dia. 8.7cm* Height 2.7cm1100

1. The Orthodontic retainer box with Silicone Liner & magnetic opening & Mirror,

    which ensures the case firmly fixed, protect the aligners safe, minimize the

    internal slippage and movement.

2. The textured silicone liner is removable for easier cleaning.

3. Custom LOGO is available for the retainer box.

4.  Multi Colours available: Pink, Blue , White, Black

5. Dimension: Dia. 8.7cm * Height 2.7cm 

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