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Dental Bibs / Mini Bibs

Model Number: SD-1001/ 2202
Brand: Snowdent or OEM
Material: 2 Ply Paper + 1 Ply Poly
Size: Standard 13” X 18” - 33cm X 45cm
Mini Bibs 33cm X 22.5cm
Color: Blue/Yellow/White/Pink/Orange/Purple/Green
Packing: 500/case


Dental Bibs / Mini Bibs 

SD-1001  Standard Bibs 3ply- 33cm x 45cm                       500pcs         
SD-2202Mini Bibs 3ply- 33cm x 22.5cm1200pcs

1.The unique technique used to bond the layers of tissue and poly securely together eliminates separation of the layers.

2.Horizontal embossed pattern dental bibs for maximum protection

3.Unique and reinforced water repellent edge provide added strength and durability.

4.Disposable dental bibs are made of 2-ply absorbent tissue paper backed with 1-ply liquid proof PE film and serve as an effective preliminary barrier against contamination.

5.The tissue layers absorb fluids while the poly backing resists any soak-through and prevent moisture from seeping through and contaminating the surface.

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